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Bulk Antigens

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Parasitic Antigens Mycological Antigens

TRINA BIOREACTIVES is the primary source for native human high quality antigens. All antigens are purified from human tissue and plasma collected in regulated and registered centers.


Chlamydia pneumonae Legionella Pneumophila
Chlamydia trachomatis Leptospira Biflexa
Coxsackievirus Measles Virus
Cytomegalovirus Measles Virus (Premium)
Echinococcus granulosus Mumps Virus
Echovirus Mycoplasma Pneumoniae
Epstein–Barr Virus Parainfluenza Virus
Helicobacter pylori Parainfluenza Virus
Hepatitis A Parvovirus B19
Hepatitis B Plasmodium Falciparui
Hepatitis C Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Hepatitis D Rotavirus
Hepatitis E Rubella Virus
Herpes Simplex Virus 2 TBE Virus
Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Toxoplasma gondii
HIV Treponema Pallidum
Human T-Lymphotropic Varicella Zoster Virus
Influenza A Virus VZV Glycoprotein
Influenza B Virus Yersinia enterocolitica

The full list of products is available, please contact us.





antigens | controls | calibrators | panels


HBsAg Antigens

TRINA BIOREACTIVES data sheets for all codes are available, please contact us.

All of our antigens are produced according to internal SOP or customer specified procedures.

Code Specificity Form
A0820 Hepatitis B “e” Antigen recombinant
A0825 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen recombinant
A0830 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen human plasma
A0841 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen, subtype AD inactivated human plasma
A0835 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen, subtype AY human plasma
A0824 HBsAg Antigen subtype AD / AY recombinant
A0840 HBsAg subtype AD / AY human plasma

Hepatitis positive Contol Materials

Hepatitis positive | plasma | HBsAg | HAV

HBsAg subtype AD anti-HBe positive anti-HCV positive
HBsAg subtype AY HBV DNA positive HEV lgM / IgG
anti-HBc IgM a-HBs high titre HAV lgM / IgG

• 20 ml- 20 L batches, single units or 0.2 μm filtered and processed





Product application & modification stream

Crude Pure (spiking)
Immunoglobulin G A0921 Serum fractionation
Bovine Serum Albumin TP9102 Cohn fractionation
Human Alpha-1-Microglobulin A0160 Aseptic filtration
Human Transferrin A1950 Iron saturation
HDL / LDL Concentrate CL1130 High performance control
Transferrin Receptor A1953 HPLC Column
CRP Lyophilized A0385 Lyophilization
PSA antigen A1585 Buffer & preservative
Helicobacter pylori antigen A0894 Washed, solubilized
Bence-Jones Kappa / Lambda A0924 Custom selection of raw mat.
BCC CT1120 For spiking
HBsAg Subtype Ay/Ad A0840 Subtyping
HBsAg affinity pure A0835 Ligand affinity-ion exchange
HBsAg inactivated A0841 Buffer selection
TSH antigen high pure A1932 E. Coli derived recombinant
Parvovirus B19 A1506 single band / SDS-PAGE
CRP high pure A0385 Lysate
HAV antigen A0815 0.2 μm filtration
AFP high pure A0140 Control analyte

ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 13485:2012 / ISO 14001:2004 certified



IVD manufacturing | R&D


TRINA data sheets for all codes available at TRINA BIOREACTIVES. All of our antigens are produced according to internal SOP or customer specified procedures. Starting materials of our antigens are tested for virus markers by FDA / CE tests. Virus positive antigens are inactivated.

In bulk for diagnostic manufacturing and research.

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Code Specificity Source
A0050 Adenovirus human plasma
A0140 AFP antigen human serum
A0101 Albumin human path. urine
A0102 Albumin human plasma
A0103 Albumin human placenta
A0104 Albumin recombinant yeast
A0175 ALP human
A0120-2 alpha-1-Acid glycoprotein human serum
A0120-1 alpha-1-Acid glycoprotein (AGP) human serum
A0121 alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin (ACT) human serum
A0122 alpha-1-Antitrypsin human serum
A0160 alpha-1-Microglobulin human path. urine
A0160-2 alpha-1-Microglobulin human urine
A0161 alpha-2-Macroglobulin human serum
A0162 alpha-1-Microglobulin recombinant
A0170 alpha-Amylase human pancreas
A0171 alpha-Amylase human salivary
A0140-1 alpha-Feto Protein (AFP) human fluid
A0140-2 alpha-Feto Protein (AFP) human fluid
A0140-3 alpha-Feto Protein (AFP) cell culture
A0181 Apolipoprotein human plasma
A0182 Allergen wheat (7352)


Code Specificity Source
A0326 β Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) human urine
A0218-1 β-2-Glycoprotein 1 human plasma
A0205-2 β-2-Microglobulin, part pure human urine
A0205-1 β-2-Microglobulin, high pure human urine
A0210 β-Glucuronidase / Arylsulfatase helix pomatia
A0327 beta hCG recombinant
A0218-2 Breast tumor CA 15-3 human fluids
A0220-1 Breast tumor CA 15-3 human fluids
A0220-2 Breast tumor CA 15-3 cell culture


Code Specificity Source
A0385-1 C Reactive Protein (CRP) human serum
A0385-2 C Reactive Protein (CRP) human body fluid
A0710 CA 19-9 antigen human serum
A1482 CA128 cell culture
A0715-1 CA19-9 cell culture
A0301 Calmodulin human brain
A0303 Calmodulin bovine brain
A0305 Cancer antigen CA 72-4 human fluid
A0310-1 Cathepsin D human liver
A0310-2 Cathepsin D human liver
A0311 Cathepsin G human neutrophil
A0315-1 CEA human fluids
A0315-2 CEA h.fluid/metastic liver
A0316-1 CEA cell culture
A0318 Centromere B human recombinant
A0320 Ceruloplasmin human plasma
A0321 Chagas antigen recombinant
A0398 Chlamydia cell culture
A0323 Cholesterol concentrate human plasma
A0324 Cholinesterase human plasma
A0325 Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) human urine
A0326 beta hCG human plasma
A0335 Chylomicrons human plasma
A0348 CK-BB human brain
A0350-1 CK-MB human heart
A0350-2 CK-MB human heart
A0355-1 CK-MM hum. skeletal muscle
A0356 CK-MM human heart
A0397 CMV cell culture
A0364 Collagen Type IV human placenta
A0367 Complement C1 human serum
A0365 Complement C3 human serum
A0366-1 Complement C4 human serum
A0366-2 Complement C4 human serum
A0375 Corticosteroid Binding Globulin human serum
A0396 Cyfra 21-1 cell line
A0390 Cystatin C human
A0391 Cystatin C recombinant
A0395-2 Cytokreatin 19 Antigen cell culture


Code Specificity Source
A0405 D-Dimer human plasma
A0412 Dengue cell culture
A0413 ds-DNA bacteria plasmid


Code Specificity Source
A0540 Elastase pig pancreas
A0521 Epidermal Growth Factor, human recombinant
A0522 Epidermal Growth Factor, mouse submaxillary glands
A0530 Eosinophil Cationic Protein (ECP) human eosinophils


Code Specificity Source
A0600 Fatty Acid Binding Protein heart tissue
A0605 Ferritin human liver
A0606 Ferritin human spleen
A0607 Ferritin human heart
A0608 Ferritin human placenta
A0630 Folate binding protein bovine milk
A0640-1 Follicle-Stimulating Hormone human pituary glands
A0640-2 Follicle-Stimulating Hormone human pituary glands
A0680 Factor XIII human


Code Specificity Source
A0728 gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase human liver
A0710-1 Gastro intestinal (GI) CA 19-9 human fluids
A0710-2 Gastro intestinal (GI) CA 19-9 human fluids
A0710-3 Gastro intestinal (GI) CA 19-9 human adenocarcinoma cell line
A0715-2 Gastro intestinal (GI) CA 19-9 cell culture
A0722 Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein human brain
A0729 Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase (GOT) human liver
A0730 Glutamate pyruvate Transaminase (ALT) human liver
A0737 GM1-Asialo human brain
A0720 GP41, HIV peptide sequence synthetic
A0735 Growth Hormone human pituitary glands
A0736 Growth Hormone (human) recombinant DNA
A0739 GBM recombinant


Code Specificity Source
A0805 Haptoglobin human serum
A0815 HAV antigen Lysate
A0824 HBsAg antigen subtype AD recombinant
A0823 HBsAg antigen subtype AY recombinant
A0893 HCV E.coli
A0894 Helicobacter pylori cell culture
A0897 Hemoglobin A1c, > 96% human erythrocytes
A0808 Hemoglobin lyophilized red cells
A0809-1 Hemoglobin A1c, 10.0% human erythrocytes
A0809-2 Hemoglobin A1c, 15.0-16.0% human erythrocytes
A0809-3 Hemoglobin A1c, 3.0-4.0% human erythrocytes
A0810 Hemoglobin base, free of A1c human erythrocytes
A0820 Hepatitis B “e” Antigen recombinant
A0821 Hepatitis B "c" Antigen recombinant
A0825 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen recombinant
A0830 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen human plasma
A0840 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen, subtype AD human plasma
A0841 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen, subtype AD inactivated human plasma
A0842 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen, subtype ADR inactivated human plasma
A0835 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen, subtype AY human plasma
A0836 Hepatitis B “s” Antigen, subtype AY inactivated human plasma
A0895 Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) recombinant
A0890 HTLV-I E.coli
A0891 HTLV-II E.coli
A0892 Hirudin recombinant
A0896 HIV recombinant


Code Specificity Source
A0915-3L IgA Lambda Myeloma human Serum
A0954 IGF1 E.coli
A0921-3L IgG1 Lambda Myeloma human serum
A0927-3K IgM Kappa Myeloma human serum
A0927-3L IgM Lambda Myeloma human plasma
A0915-2 Immunoglobulin A human serum
A0915-3 Immunoglobulin A human serum
A0915-1S Immunoglobulin A, SP human serum
A0916 Immunoglobulin A, Subclass 2 human serum
A0919-1 Immunoglobulin E human serum
A0919-3 Immunoglobulin E myeloma
A0215 Immunoglobulin G bovine serum
A0920 Immunoglobulin G rabbit serum
A0921-1 Immunoglobulin G human serum
A0922 Immunoglobulin G mouse
A0923 Immunoglobulin G sheep serum
A0921-3K Immunoglobulin G1 Kappa human serum
A0924 Immunoglobulin Kappa human urine
A0924-2 Immunoglobulin Kappa, semi human urine
A0924-1S Immunoglobulin Kappa, SP human urine
A0925 Immunoglobulin Lambda human urine
A0925-1S Immunoglobulin Lambda, SP human urine
A0925-2 Immunoglobulin Lambda,semi human urine
A0927-1 Immunoglobulin M human serum
A0928 Immunoglobulin M whole Myeloma human serum
A0929 Gammaglobulin human serum
A0931 Influenza B cell culture
A0951 IGFB Protein 1 human fluid
A0953 IGFB Protein 3 human fluid
A0958 Interleukin-2 Receptor human cell expressed
A0959 Interleukin-2 Receptor E.coli
A0960 Interleukin-3, human recombinant
A0961 Interleukin-4, human recombinant
A0988 Insulin recombinant


Code Specificity Source
A1014 Jo-1 calf thymus
A1012 Japanese encephalitis Antigen recombinant


Code Specificity Source
A1101 La (SS-B) human recombinant
A1120 Lipase human brain
A1121 Lipase human pancreas
A1130 Lipoprotein a (Lp-a) human plasma
A1160-1 Luteinizing Hormone human pituitary glands
A1160-2 Luteinizing Hormone human pituitary glands
A1161 Luteinizing Hormone recombinant
A1165 Lysozyme human urine


Code Specificity Source
A1200 Measles cell line
A1258 Malaria Antigen recombinant
A1260 Myeloperoxidase (pANCA) human neutrophil
A1270 Myoglobin human heart muscle
A1275 Myosin light chain 1, ventricular human heart left venticles
A1280 Mycoplasma human serum


Code Specificity Source
A1330 Nerve Growth Factor bovine seminal
A1340 Neuron Specific Enolase human brain
A1350 Neutrophil Elastase Grade 1 human neutrophil
A1345 Non-neuronal Enolase (NNE) human brain
A1370 NT-pro BNP recombinant
A1371 N-GAL human leukocytes
A1340 NSE recombinant


Code Specificity Source
A1470 Osteocalcin bovine bone
A1480-1 Ovarian Cancer CA-125 human fluids
A1480-2 Ovarian Cancer CA-125 human fluids
A1485 Ovarian Cancer Antigen (CA-125) ovarian carcinoma cell line


Code Specificity Source
A1502 Parainfluenza 2 cell culture
A1503 Parainfluenza 3 cell culture
A1505 Parietal Cell Antigen porcine
A1506 Parvo B19 cell culture
A1510 Pepsinogen I human mucosa
A1515 Pepsinogen II human mucosa
A1530 Placental Lactogen human placenta
A1539 Plasminogen human plasma
A1543 Platelet Factor IV human plasma
A1570 Prealbumin human serum
A1573 PAPP-A retroplacental serum
A1580 Prolactin, recombinant cell culture
A1581 Prolactin human pituitary gland
A1585-1 Prostata Specific Antigen (PSA) HP human fluids
A1585-2 Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) PP human fluids
A1586 PSA-ACT Complex seminal fluid
A1590-1 Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP) HP human seminal plasma
A1590-2 Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP) PP human seminal plasma
A1591 Protein C human plasma
A1595 Proteinase 3 (cANCA) human neutrophil
A1596 Protein S human plasma
A1597 Prothrombin human plasma
A1598 Activated Protein C human plasma
A1599 Podocalyxin human plasma
A1600 Procalcitonin, recombinant cell culture


Code Specificity Source
P1756 anti-human RBP goat


Code Specificity Source
A1803 Scl-70 rabbit thymus
A1812 Sm/RNP calf thymus
A1813 Sm calf thymus
M1802 S-100 Protein mouse
A1814 SS-A (ro) Antigen bovine spleen/thymus
A1815 SS-A (ro)-52 Antigen, recombinant E.coli
A1816 SS-A (ro)-60 Antigen, recombinant E.coli
A1101 SS-B (La) recombinant
A1820 Serum Amyloid Amylase human fluids
A1821-1 Serum Amyloid Amylase human serum
A1821-2 Serum Amyloid Amylase human serum
A1825 Serum Amyloid Protein human serum
A1830 Sex Hormone Binding Globulin human pregnancy serum
A1840 Somatostatin 1-28 synthetic
A1850 Streptavidin streptomyces avidinii
A1860 Streptolysin O cell culture


Code Specificity Source
A1920 Thrombin (alpha) human plasma
A1921 Thrombin bovine
A1922 Thrombomodulin human plasma
A1925 Thyroglobulin human thyroid glands
A1928-1 TPO Thyroid Peroxidase thyroid tissue
A1930 Thyroid Microsomal Antigen human thyroid tissue
A1932-1 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone human pituitary glands
A1932-2 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone human pituitary glands
A1934 TPO Thyroid Peroxidase, recombinant baculovirus
A1935 Thyroxine Binding Globulin human serum
A1940 Tissue Polypeptide Antigen (TPA) cell culture
A1950 Transferrin human plasma
A1950-S Transferrin human plasma
A1951 Transferrin Receptor human placenta
A1953 Transferrin Receptor human plasma
A1954 CDT human serum
A1955 CDT (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin) human serum
A1956 CDT free Transferrin human serum
A1957 Triglyceride chicken egg protein
A1958 Troponin C recombinant E.coli
A1959 Troponin C human heart
A1960 Troponin C subunit (skeletal) rabbit skeletal muscle
A1961 Troponin I (cardiac) human heart
A1962 Troponin I (skeletal) human skeletal muscle (pec)
A1963 Troponin I (cardiac) bovine heart
A1964 Troponin T human heart tissue
A1965 Troponin Complex Antigen human heart tissue
A1970-1 Treponema Pallidum rabbit testicle
A1970-2 Treponema Pallidum rabbit testicle
A1971 Treponema Pallidum, rec. , 47 kDa E.coli
A1972 Treponema Pallidum, rec. 15, 17 kDa E.coli
A1973 Treponema TmpA recombinant E.coli
A1975 Toxoplasma gondii lysate Antigen vero cell line
A1976 Tissue from thyroid gland thyroid gland


Code Specificity Source
A2040 Urine Protein 1 human urine
A2045 Urinary Trypsin Inhibitor human urine