PAb / MAb production

TRINA data sheets for all codes available at TRINA BIOREACTIVES. All of our antigens are produced according to internal SOP or customer specified procedures. Starting materials of our antigens are tested for virus markers by FDA / CE tests. Virus positive antigens are inactivated.

In bulk for diagnostic, manufacturing and research


Polyclonal Antibody
Production (PAb)

Qualitative detection
(e.g., Western blotting)
Low uniformity
Limited quantities
Multiple host species
Monoclonal Antibody
Production (MAb)

Quantitative assays
(e.g., sandwich ELISA)
High uniformity
Unlimited quantities
Two host species options
Peptide Antigen (P)
Lowest cost
Medium specificity
Broad assay utility
Medium cost
Highest specificity
Narrow assay utility
Protein Antigen (R)
Medium cost
Low specificity
Broadest assay utility
Highest cost
High specificity
Limited assay utility

TRINA data sheets for all codes are available at TRINA BIOREACTIVES.
Monoclonals / polyclonals are available purified or in ascites according to customer request and pending on specificity.
In bulk for diagnostic manufacturing and research.


Select groups



Code Specificity Source
P0116 anti-Human Alpha fetoprotein IgG fraction rabbit
M0116 anti-Human Alpha fetoprotein, monoclonal mouse
P0117 anti-Human Alpha fetoprotein, affinity purified goat
P0120 anti-Human Alpha-1-acid Glycoprotein goat
P0122 anti-Human Apolipoprotein A-1 goat
P0123 anti-Human Albumin goat
P0124 anti-Human Apolipoprotein B goat
P0127 anti-Human Apolipoprotein E goat


Code Specificity Source
M0212 anti-Human beta-2-microglobulin, monoclonal mouse
P0212 anti-Human beta-2-microglobulin, affinity purified rabbit
P0213 anti-Human beta-2-microglobulin, IgG fraction rabbit
P0215 anti-Human beta-2-microglobulin goat
P0216 anti-Human beta-2-microglobulin, IgG fraction goat
P0220 anti-biotin IgG fraction sheep
P0222 anti-biotin affinity purified goat


Code Specificity Source
P0305 anti-Human CEA rabbit
M0305 anti-Human CEA, monoclonal mouse
M0310 anti-Human CK-MB, monoclonal mouse
P0311 anti-Human CK-BB, affinity purified rabbit
P0312 anti-Human CK-MM goat
P0313 anti-Human hCG rabbit
M0313 anti-Human hCG intact, monoclonal mouse
P0314 anti-Human alpha hCG rabbit
M0314 anti-Human alpha hCG, monoclonal mouse
P0315 anti-Human beta hCG, affinity purified rabbit
M0315 anti-Human beta hCG, monoclonal mouse
P0316 anti-Human beta hCG, affinity purified sheep
M0317 anti-Human CRP, monoclonal mouse
P0319 anti-Human CRP, IgG fraction rabbit
P0320 anti-human Complement 3 goat
P0321 anti-human Complement 4 goat
M0330 anti-human Corticoliberin, monoclonal mouse
M0331 anti-Cortisol, monoclonal mouse
M0360 anti-Cytokeratins (1-19), monoclonal mouse
M0370 anti-CMV, IEA, monoclonal mouse
P0390 anti-human Cystatin C goat


Code Specificity Source
M0404 D-Dimer mouse
M0405 anti-15K allergen House Dust Mite, Dermatophagoides farinae, excretion (Dfa) mouse
M0409 anti-Diphteria toxin, monoclonal mouse
M0410 anti-Diphteria toxin A subunit, monoclonal mouse


Code Specificity Source
P0560 anti-human E.Coli goat
M0515 anti-Epstein Barr Virus, monoclonal mouse
P0524 anti-Estradiol E2 rabbit
M0525 anti-17 -Estradiol, monoclonal mouse
P0526 anti- Estradiol goat
M0531 anti-human to E.histolytica mouse


Code Specificity Source
M0618 anti-human alpha FSH, monoclonal mouse
M0619 anti-human beta FSH, monoclonal mouse
M0625 anti-F1 antigen Yersinia pestis, monoclonal mouse
P0650 anti-human Ferritin, affinity purified goat
P0651 anti-human Ferritin, affinity purified rabbit
M0660 anti-Filaggrin + Profilaggrin, monoclonal mouse


Code Specificity Source
M0726 Galectin 3 mouse
M0709 Gastro Intestinal tumor, monoclonal mouse ascites
P0709 anti-human GI antigen, affinity purified rabbit
P0710 anti-human GI antigen, affinity purified sheep
P0711 anti-human GI antigen, IgG fraction rabbit
M0720 anti-Granular layer kreatinocytes (GL-S2) monoclonal mouse
P0725 anti-human Growth Hormone, monoclonal mouse


Code Specificity Source
M0800 anti-human HAV, monoclonal mouse
P0801 anti-HBsAg goat
M0802 anti-human HBsAg, monoclonal mouse
P0803 anti-HBsAg, affinity purified goat
M0803 anti-rHBsAg (ayw subtype), monoclonal mouse
P0804 anti-HBsAg rabbit
M0804 anti-human HBcAg, monoclonal mouse
M0805 anti-rHBeAg, monoclonal mouse
M0840 anti-Helicobacter pylori, monoclonal mouse
M0850 anti-HSV, monoclonal mouse
M0860 anti-Histones, monoclonal mouse
M0859 anti-Hemoglobin monoclonal
P0861 anti-human Hemoglobin sheep
P0862 anti-human Hemoglobin goat
P0862-1 anti-human Hemoglobin, affinity pure goat
M2011 anti-HbA1c monoclonal
P0863 anti-human Hemoglobin rabbit
P0864 anti-HBsAg, affinity pure horse
P0313 anti-human hCG rabbit
M0313 anti-human hCG intact, monoclonal mouse
P0314 anti-human alpha hCG, polyclonal rabbit
M0314 anti-human alpha hCG, monoclonal mouse
M0315 anti-human beta hCG, monoclonal mouse
P0316 anti-human beta hCG, affinity purified sheep


Code Specificity Source
M0901 anti-human IgA, monoclonal mouse
P0901 anti-human IgA goat
P0903 anti-human IgD goat
M0905 anti-human IgE, monoclonal mouse
P0905 anti-human IgE goat
P0906 anti-human IgG (Fc specific) goat
M0907 Immunoglobulin G1 monoclonal mouse
P0907 anti-human IgG goat
M0908 Immunoglobulin G2 monoclonal mouse
P0908 anti-mouse IgG goat
M0909 Immunoglobulin G3 monoclonal mouse
M0910 Immunoglobulin G4 monoclonal mouse
M0911 anti-human IgM, monoclonal mouse
P0911 anti-human IgM goat


Code Specificity Source
M1001 anti-human Kappa light chains, monoclonal mouse
P1001 anti-human Kappa light chain goat
M1002 anti-human free Kappa light chains, monoclonal mouse
M1010 anti-Keratinocyte membrane, monoclonal mouse


Code Specificity Source
M1100 anti-human Lactoferrin, monoclonal mouse
M1101 anti-human Lambda light chains, monoclonal mouse
P1101 anti-human Lambda light chain goat
M1102 anti-human free Lambda light chains, monoclonal mouse
M1105 anti-legionella pneumonophila mouse
M1107 anti-human LH, monoclonal mouse
M1108 anti-human alpha LH, monoclonal mouse
M1109 anti-human beta LH, monoclonal mouse
M1124 anti-LPS Francesella tularensis, monoclonal mouse
P1126 anti-human LP (a) goat


Code Specificity Source
M1811 Malaria antibody monoclonal
M1201 anti-human Mannan Binding Protein, monoclonal mouse
M1217 anti-human MPO mouse
P1217 anti-human MPO rabbit
P1223 anti-human Myoglobin goat
M1223 anti-human Myoglobin, monoclonal cell culture
M1223-1 anti-human Myoglobin, monoclonal mouse
P1224 anti-human Myoglobin, IgG fraction rabbit
P1225 anti-human Myoglobin rabbit
M1250 anti-human Myosin, monoclonal mouse
P1250 anti-human Myosin, affinity purified goat


Code Specificity Source
P1304 anti-human Neuron Specific Enolase sheep
M1304 anti-human Neuron Specific Enolase, monoclonal mouse
P1305 anti-human Neuron Specific Enolase rabbit


Code Specificity Source
P1420 anti-human OvCan antigen, IgG fraction rabbit
P1421 anti-human OvCan antigen, affinity purified rabbit


Code Specificity Source
M1510 anti-human Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1, monoclonal mouse
M1511 anti-human Plasminogen, monoclonal mouse
P1512 anti-human Plasminogen, IgG fraction goat
M1520 anti-human Pregnancy, Specific b-1-Glycoprotein, monoclonal mouse
P1520 anti-human Prealbumin goat
M1530 anti-human Progesterone, monoclonal mouse
P1530 anti-human Progesterone rabbit
M1545 anti-human Proinsulin, monoclonal mouse
M1550 anti-human Prolactin, monoclonal mouse
P1555 anti-human Prostaglandin E2 rabbit
M0670 free PSA Ab mouse
P1560 anti-human PSA, affinity purified goat
P1561 anti-human PSA goat
P1562 anti-human PSA, IgG fraction rabbit
M1563 anti-human PSA, monoclonal mouse
M1565 anti-human Pepsinogen I, monoclonal mouse
M1566 anti-human Pepsinogen II, monoclonal mouse
M1568 anti-PIVKA II, monoclonal mouse
M1570 anti-human Procalcitonin, monoclonal mouse


Code Specificity Source
M1701 anti-Rabies, monoclonal mouse
P1756 anti-human RBP goat
M1714 anti-Rotavirus group specific antigen, monoclonal mouse


Code Specificity Source
M1802 S-100 Protein mouse
M1801 anti-Salmonella typhimurium, monoclonal mouse
M1805 anti-Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, monoclonal mouse
M1850 anti-Streptavidin, monoclonal mouse


Code Specificity Source
M1904 anti-Testosterone, monoclonal mouse
P1910 anti-recombinant TSH, affinity pure goat
M1910 anti-human TSH, monoclonal mouse
P1911 anti-human TSH sheep
P1912 anti-human beta-TSH, affinity pure goat
M1914 anti-human Thyroxine (T4), monoclonal mouse
P1914 anti-human Thyroxine (T4) sheep
M1915 anti-human Thyroglobulin, monoclonal mouse
P1915 anti-human TG goat
M1920 anti-human Thyroxid peroxidase, monoclonal mouse
M1925 anti-human Tissue plasminogen activator, mab mouse
M1928 anti-Toxoplasma gondii, monoclonal mouse
M1930 anti-human Transferrin, monoclonal mouse
P1930 anti-Human Transferrin goat
M1931 anti-Human Transferrin Receptor, monoclonal mouse
M1940 anti-Treponema Pallidum, monoclonal mouse
M1945 anti-Trichomonas vaginalis, monoclonal mouse
M1950 anti-Human Triiodothyronine (T3), monoclonal mouse
P1950 anti-Human Triiodothyronine (T3) sheep
P1951 anti-Human Triiodothyronine (T3) rabbit
P1953 anti-Human Thyroxine (T4) rabbit
M1970 anti-Human Troponin I, cardiac, monoclonal mouse
M1971 anti-Human Troponin I, skeletal muscle, mab. mouse
M1980 anti-Human Troponin T, cardiac, monoclonal mouse
P1980 anti-Human Troponin T, affinity purified goat
P1985 anti-Human Tuberculosis sheep
M1990 anti-Human alpha Tumor Necrosis Factor, mab. mouse


Code Specificity Source
M2209 anti-Verotoxin 1, monoclonal mouse
M2210 anti-Verotoxin 2, monoclonal mouse