PBMCs | monocytes

Cell Line Isolation

Customized, cryopreserved ready to use isolated cell lines for immunology research. Derived from human whole blood or apheresis white blood cells. The isolation protocol is designed to meet your assay’s specifications and can be adapted to your specification.

Code Specificity Form
IC1111 Customized cells human plasma
IC1125 PB NK cells (CD56) human plasma
IC1230 PB T cells (CD3) human plasma
IC1280 PB B cells (CD19) human plasma
IC1128 PB Monocytes (CD14) human plasma
IC1235 PB TH cells (CD4) human plasma
IC1138 PB Tc cells (CD8) human plasma
IC1401 Human Peripheral Blood Leukopak human plasma
  • High quality isolated cell lines

  • From clinically defined donors

  • Allergy

  • Cryopreserved and aliquot
Cell yield Per donation
NK cells (CD56) 2-15 million (minimum)
T cells (CD3) 50 -500 million (minimum)
B cells (CD19) 2-15 million (minimum)
Monocytes (CD14) 60-300 million (minimum)
TH cells (CD4) 45-300 million (minimum)
Tc cells (CD8) 5-45 million (minimum)

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