Coagulation Deficient

positive plasma | control serum

Human plasma for manufacturing of positive controls. Please ask our TRINA-Team for specific samples.


Coagulation Speciality Plasma

Code Specificity Form
K0300 Coagulation specimen frozen
K0311 Coumadin frozen
K0605 Factor V Deficient frozen
K0607 Factor VII Deficient frozen
K0608 Factor VIII Deficient frozen
K0608-1 Factor VIII with Inhibitor frozen
K0609 Factor IX Deficient frozen
K0610 Factor X Deficient frozen
K0611 Factor XI Deficient frozen
K0612 Factor XII Deficient frozen
K0627 Factor VII Congenital Deficient frozen
K0630 Factor X Congenital Deficient frozen
K0631 Factor XI Congenital Deficient frozen
K0632 Factor XII Congenital Deficient frozen
K0635 Factor V Immune Depleted frozen
K0638 Factor VIII Immune Depleted frozen
K0639 Factor IX Immune Depleted frozen
K0640 Factor X Immune Depleted frozen
K0641 Factor XI Immune Depleted frozen
K0642 Factor XII Immune Depleted frozen
K0660 Factor VIII Artificially Depleted frozen
K0651 Protein “S” Congenital Deficient frozen
K0650 Protein “S” Immune Depleted frozen
K0652 Protein "S" Deficient frozen
K0680 Fletcher Factor Deficient frozen
K0810 Heparin plasma frozen
K0901 Plasminog. Activator Inhibitor frozen
K1110 Lipaemic plasma frozen
K1150 Lupus anticoagulant frozen
K1151 Lupus IgG frozen
K2110 Von Willebrand Factor frozen

All materials are single donation tested at the blood bank according to FDA regulations and / or methods cleared in compliance with the European Directive, unless otherwise specified.

Causes of an elevated PT with a normal APTT

  • Coumadin effect
  • Liver disease
  • Vitamin K deficiency
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation
  • Inherited Factor VII deficiency
  • Factor VII inhibitor
  • Lupus anticoagulant