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Negative Plasma & Serum

All materials are freshly drawn on customer request, and are produced at US FDA registered and approved blood banks and are fully virus tested according to the regulation with FDA approved test procedures or in accordance with European directives.

Human Plasma

Code Specificity Form
NP0130 anti-HBs neg. source single
NP0210 anti-HBs neg. source, customized single
NP0230 anti-HBs & anti-HBc neg source single
NP1201 anti-HTLV I/II negative source single
NP1230 anti-HBs & anti-HBc & anti-HTLV- I/II neg source single

Custom Anticoagulants

Code Specificity Form
NP0110 ACDA Plasma single / pooled
NP0200 Human Plasma, Citrate single / pooled
NP0300 Normal Plasma CPD single / pooled
NP0990 Normal Plasma, Lithium Heparin single / pooled
NP0992 Normal Plasma, K3 EDTA single / pooled
NP0993 Normal Plasma, Na2 EDTA single / pooled
NP0995 Normal Plasma, Sodium Heparin single / pooled

Human Whole Blood & Blood Components

Code Specificity Form
SN0001 Whole Blood single
SN0010 Erythrocyte Concentrate single / pooled
NP0020 Red Blood Cells (Na2 EDTA) single / pooled
SN0050 Buffy Coats single
SN0060 SAG-M red Cells Concentrate liquid
SN0992 K3 EDTA Whole Blood frozen



PCR | viral serum matrix


Viral positive Bulk

0.5 – 200 ml, serum and plasma fully tested and characterized

Marker Viral load Genotype Serology Sequence / Mutation
Parvo B19      

For each marker we also manufacture negative and control material.



Genotyped Plasma / Serum

R&D | validations & characterization

The full list of products is available, please contact us.

R&D | assay validation

TRINA Clinical Services

Large variety of biological products and services, backed by expertise in virology, serology, immunology and molecular biology.

Laboratory testing services, including parallel testing

• Donor Identification / screenings for Markers / Conditions
• Management and analysis of collected data
• Sample management and logistical support

Clinical trial support

• Customized clinical data

Assay Validation

• Performance validation FDA / CE
• Screenings
• Quality monitoring materials



pre-clinical specimen | patient samples


TRINA BIOREACTIVES provides biological material for research in diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Collected specimen are fully compliant with actual ethical and regulatory criteria (IRB approval / ICF documentation).


Clinical Specimen
Over 50’000 donors for biospecimen from globally different diagnostic and demographic individuals. (Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa)
Different Matrixes (Serum, EDTA, LiHep, etc.) & Multibleeds 1 - 800 ml per Donor.
Clinical Data: Patient Data (Age / Gender / GT).
Detailed Anamnesis (prospective).
Isolated Cell Lines / PBMC&
Customized, cryopreserved, ready to use isolated cell lines from specific selected donors. (Donor characteristics
such as: Allergic / PMN enriched / vaccination boosted).
The isolation protocol is designed to meet your assay's specifications.
Assay Validation & Pre-clinical
Technical performance validation for chemiluminescence, point of care and molecular based IVD applications: A large donor base (> 5000 Donors in any serum / plasma matrix) for positive / negative / quantifications & validations.

The full list of products is available, please contact us.