TRINA BIOREACTIVES manufactures in Switzerland and through our worldwide network of partners and joint-ventures.

We are specialized in customer specified requirements including development, special screening, securing raw materials and testing on specially designed equipment.

Years of working together with diagnostic manufacturers gave TRINA BIOREACTIVES a deep insight in realizing specific material requests. Our team can match custom er’s requirements with available material. The knowledge and contacts in the market give us the ability to allocate productions at the most competitive price.

  • Meeting the customers specifications and production schedules
  • On Demand Business – more than 95% of TRINA’s business is specific to customer‘s production and R&D.
  • Core Project Management, including validation, stability and sustainability of supply chains.

Storage / Procurement

  • Large storage capacity at +4°C / -20°C / -80°C / -196°C
  • Customized production, bottling, labelling and shipping
  • Consistent quality management and control