Trina Customized Solutions

During the 20 years of experience with our production partners, hundreds of different types of processed biomaterials and sera have successfully been manufactured to customer’s satisfaction. Batch sizes range between 100 ml up to 1’000 l of one homogeneous lot.

Focus time and resources into your core competencies

For everything else, rely on us. With customized development, manufacturing, labeling, packaging and filling of components, we enhance the path of your products and the time to market. To meet your unique specifications, we adapt our customization or help you to develop new ones.


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Are you looking for Custom IVD support and solutions?
  • We can do individual component manufacturing and filling.
  • Have you looked online and in catalogs, and not found the product you need?
  • Do you want to avoid using your valuable resources to manufacture standard components?


Benefit from our TRINA expertise
  • In large volume customization
  • Reliable and planable supply chains
  • In the development and production of raw materials and intermediates


We offer customization and contract production, including OEM IVD reagents.


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