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Large variety of biological products and services, backed by expertise in virology, serology, immunology and molecular biology.

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Laboratory testing services, including parallel testing
  • Donor Identification / screenings for Markers / Conditions
  • Management and analysis of collected data
  • Sample management and logistical support


Clinical trial support

TRINA BIOREACTIVES provides biological material for research in diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Collected specimen are fully compliant with actual ethical and regulatory criteria (IRB approval / ICF documentation).

  • Over 500’000 donors for biospecimen from globally different diagnostic and demographic individuals (Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa).
  • Different Matrixes (Serum, EDTA, LiHep, etc.) & Multibleeds 1 - 800 ml per Donor.
  • Clinical Data: Patient Data (Age / Gender / GT) Detailed Anamnesis (prospective)
  • Customized, cryopreserved, ready to use isolated cell lines from specific selected donors


Assay Validation
  • Performance validation FDA / CE
  • Screenings
  • Quality monitoring materials


The full list of products is available, please contact us.