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Serum originates from virus free closed donor herds, with a minimal batch to batch variation. TRINA BIOREACTIVES has a large expertise in animal specialities, please ask our team for advice. Upon request the animal sera is 0.2 µ filtered and gamma-irradiated. Raw serum is unfiltered. Pack size is made to fit customer specifications.

The animal sera are derived from healthy animals as determined by clinical examination of a registered veterinary. Each product is supplied with appropriate quarantine documentations necessary for the import into each country.


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Trinanima® Animal Serum

Code Specificity Form
TP0200 Plasma Diagnostic Base, bovine 0.2 µm filtered
TP0210 Plasma Diagnostic Base special, bovine 0.2 µm filtered
TP0300 Adult Bovine Donor (virus free) unfiltered
TP0430 Donor Calf (virus free), bovine unfiltered
TP0500 Donor Horse (virus free) unfiltered
TP0700 Donor Goat (virus free) unfiltered
TP1200 Mouse Serum 0.2 µm filtered
TP1201 Mouse Plasma, EDTA Plasma unfiltered
TP1300 Adult Bovine Donor (virus free), bovine 0.2 µm filtered
TP1315 Adult Bovine Serum Gamma free, bovine 0.2 µm filtered
TP1396 Donor Bovine Serum, delip Aerosil, bovine 0.2 µm filtered
TP1430 Donor Calf (virus free), bovine 0.2 µm filtered
TP1430-001 Calf Bovine Serum sterile filtered
TP1500 Donor Horse (virus free) 0.2 µm filtered
TP1590 Horse Serum, decomplemented liquid
TP1700 Donor Goat (virus free) 0.2 µm filtered
TP1780 Rat Serum unfiltered
TP1781 Rat Plasma, EDTA Plasma unfiltered
TP1783 Rat Plasma, Na-Citrate Plasma unfiltered
TP1790 Rat Serum, heat inactivated decomplement.
TP1800 Sheep Serum unfiltered
TP1801 Sheep Serum 0.2 µm filtered
TP2101 Minipig Plasma, EDTA Plasma liquid
TP3300 New Born Calf Serum, bovine 0.2 µm filtered
TP4000 Cynomolgus Plasma, EDTA Plasma unfiltered
TP7700 Guinea pig Serum raw serum
TP7710 Rabbit Serum 0.2 µm filtered
TP7711 Rabbit Plasma liquid
TP9102 BSA Cohn Fraction, bovine powder
TP9102-S Sulfhydryl Blocked Serum Albumin, bovine 0.2 µm filtered

Customized Cell Culture Media

cell growth media | culture media

TRINA BIOREACTIVES specializes in the production of special formulation media and solutions exactly suitable to the customer’s specifications. The products are produced, sterile filtered and aseptically filled in dedicated clean rooms.

Serum Media

Code Specificity Form
MC0400 CellPro Albumin Solution 0% solution Albumin solution
MC1200 Serum Free Culture Medium Free of animal or human serum
MC2000 LipoCell Concentrate Cholesterol, phospholipids and fatty acids
MC3000 BSA Lipid enriched Matrix BSA enriched with BCC
MC4050 Transferrin Matrix Transferrin based Cell Growth Medium
MC1500 Human Platelet Matrix Animal free FBS replacement Media
SN0500 AB human Serum Pure human AB Serum for culture Media
TP3310 FBS Serum High quality FBS
TP3300 Donor Calf Serum Collected from USDA licensed premises
TP0300 Donor Bovine Serum Collected from USDA licensed premises
TP0715 Porcine Serum Collected from USDA licensed premises
Materials can be charcoal stripped, heat inactivated, delipidized or processed in any possible way.
  • High quality raw materials, sterile filtration
  • Short production times; normally within 2- 4 weeks
  • Flexible packaging and
  • 20 years of experience in matrix production