positive plasma | control serum

Raw plasma, serum off the clot or defibrinated plasma for manufacturing of R&D and IVD components. Please ask our TRINA-Team for specific samples.

All materials are single donation tested at the blood bank according to FDA regulations and / or methods cleared in compliance with the European Directive, unless otherwise specified.


Code Specificity Form
DR1009 HIV-I/II negative plasma frozen
DR1091 anti-HIV-I Virus Type 1 frozen
DR1092 anti-HIV-I Virus Type 2 frozen
DR1903 HIV Type 1+2 frozen
DR1904 anti-HIV-I Virus Type 0 frozen
DR1095 HIV-I Antigen frozen
DR1096 HIV-II Antigen frozen
DR1097 HIV Seroconversion panel frozen
DR1190 Human T-cell Lymphotrophic Virus Type 1 by PCR frozen
DR1193 anti-HTLV I/II positive plasma frozen
DR1194 anti-HTLV I frozen
DR1195 anti-HTLV II frozen
DR1196 HTLV-I/II negative plasma frozen
DL4301 HTLV I Lysate, Cell culture frozen